The firm represents domestic companies, trans-national corporations, public sector undertakings, government companies before Arbitral Tribunals. The team includes experienced and qualified professionals having represented clients at both international as well as domestic arbitration proceedings in institutional as also ad-hoc arbitrations. Some team members have also been appointed as Arbitrators due to their experience and expertise in the field. Members of the team are members of various ADR groups functioning under the International Chamber of Commerce, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Indian Council of Arbitration, Construction Industry Arbitration Council, London Court of International Arbitration and the like. The team has special expertise in commercial arbitrations, construction and engineering arbitrations, real estate arbitrations, in arbitrations emanating from infrastructure and land development disputes and employment related arbitrations.

Further, the team also boasts of considerable experience in other forms of dispute resolution including mediation and conciliation. The team has assisted various clients in arriving at beneficial settlements before Conciliation Officers as also Mediators. Some members of the Firm have been specially appointed by the

Courts as Mediators to assist in the process of mediation in complex commercial disputes. Services as of an Arbitrator: Some of the Team Members of the Firm have the distinction of being appointed as Arbitrator by Delhi High Court. The experiences and knowledge gained by conducting Arbitral Proceedings as an Arbitrator has been productively utilized in contesting Arbitration matters.