With globalisation, consolidation and diversification of the financial industry, the banking sector have become complex. As transactions increasingly require a blend of a range of products, including financing, securitisation, restructuring and advisory, we have the ability to deal with complex issues across a broad range of products as well as to provide the best advice to cater to our client’s needs.

Our expertise includes Project and Leveraged Finance, Debt Restructuring, Acquisition Finance, Syndicated Lending and Structured Products. Our clients include public & private sector banks, financial institutions, multinationals and non-banking financial companies. Our firm works towards the commercial understanding of what our clients seek to achieve, the quality of our documentation and our ability to deliver a high value service within tight timeframes.

We advise all major public and private sector banks, financial institutions, multinationals, domestic banks, multilateral agencies and non-banking financial companies on their domestic and cross-border transactions and provide a focused, pragmatic approach, with fee transparency and highly effective, technology driven transaction management. Our Banking and Finance team works very closely with the other teams. Although the work of each group is distinct; our strong teamwork and uniform approach ensure that the transactions are managed as effectively as possible.