The concept of intellectual property is growing in importance with each passing day. Every business, organization and establishment is affected by it. Most corporations, entrepreneurs, organizations and the like are investing a large proportion of their funds into protection of intellectual property in their possession. In view of the said growing demand from the industry for enhanced protection and enforcement of their intellectual property, our firm has incorporated a specialized team of professionals to cater to all the needs and requirements of our clients in the said field.

The team is competent to handle all aspects ranging from prosecution of intellectual property at the level of the Intellectual Property Office or the Copyright Office to enforcing the same through courts of law. The team consists of individuals specifically qualified in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. The team also represents clients before various Statutory Authorities and Courts of Law for initiating actions against infringers as well in an endeavor to defend the ownership of the varied intellectual properties. We advise and assist our Clients in seeking both civil as well as criminal remedies against infringers, the details regarding both are as under.